Special kits
Screws and tools dedicated to particular surgery

Membrane fixing

Fixing titanium mesh or membrane when alveolar ridge regeneration surgery is needed (pre-implanting surgery)
This kit is designed to contain pins and screw/pins, carry a very sharp tip that guarantees easy bone insertion. Cross drive head ensures optimal and efficient screw retention on screwdriver blade.

Pins Ø 1 mm. 3 or 5 mm, lengths. Screw-pin Ø 1 mm 3 or 5 mm. Lengths. Drilled mesh 25x30 mm 0,12 mm, thickness. Stretching mesh 40x30 mm 0,2 mm thickness.

Pins and screw/pin: titanio di grado 5 ELI ASTM F.136. Drilled mesh: titanio di grado 2. Stretching mesh: titanio di grado 1.

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