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Explanatory video for the TLB Fast System™

We're proud to present the TLB Fast System™ kit by Dr. Joseph Choukroun, a product manufactured by Cizeta Surgical.
The TLB Fast System™ is used for guided bone augmentation and bone regeneration in the mandibular or maxilla area vertically and horizontally by using bone grafts and PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin.
The system consists of titanium screws from 3,5 mm to 11,0 mm, the micro thread under the screw's head fits into a thread holes of the titanium plate allowing optimal interlock. Two plates with 5 holes and one with 12 holes and the dedicated instruments for handling screws and mesh are included.

To present the product we made an explanatory video showing in 5 steps quick installation of TLB Fast System™. The complete product page is available on Tous Les Biomateriaux Website.